What does an award badge mean?

Award badge recipients have all been chosen as one of the top products of the year by Randomly.Shop. Here at Randomly.Shop, we’re passionate about finding the best products on the web and sharing them with as many people as possible. When we find something truly excellent, we want to celebrate it. Our goal is to tell as many people as possible what our favorite products are. The Product of the Year award only goes out to the very best items we’ve found during our continuing search for quality and value. It’s an exclusive award that only goes to best-in-class products.

What is Randomly.Shop?

Randomly.Shop finds the best, coolest, most innovative products on the internet for you. New, high-quality products are being added every day, so you’ll never run out of great finds. Use the app to browse—randomly—in the categories of your choice, or check out our blog to find out the most interesting products we’ve discovered recently.